Multiple Passions Converge: Disney Springs

Today I went to Disney Springs for a special event. Kingdom Hearts will soon be here after such a long wait. And since Disney has a hand in that game, visitors to the parks got to test play the Kingdom Hearts 3 Demo.

However, Disney Springs is known for one other notable thing besides the attractions. As a beacon in Pokemon Go, Disney almost removed the game from their property completely. Luckily they changed their mind. Let me show you what Disney Springs looks like in Go.

I hope this image paints a better picture. This is only part of Disney Springs. Countless Pokestops and Gyms adorn the paths. And while I played Go, I saw that I was hardly alone. This is one of the best spots to play Pokemon Go in all of Orlando. Easily competing with Lake Eola and Cranes Roost which I have already showcased.

Still no eggs hatched. I had a busy night. I also apologize for the missed day. I revisited the park from the previous couple days and played a second round at each. I don’t know where I am going next. But that is half the fun.

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