Exploring the World With Pokemon Go: Harland Park

While visiting Blue Jacket Park in a prior day, I crossed into Winter Park and discovered Harland Park. As my first blog post taking place in this nearby city to Orlando, it did a great job of impressing.

Though this park was small in size, Harland Park had plenty of spots to sit and relax. I personally liked the small fountain in the middle. But this is of course because as mentioned in earlier posts, I am a fan of this type of architecture.

Mixing neighborhood with public parks in sharp contrast to Baldwin Park, this to me is how small scale parks should be set up. This beautiful places should be open to the public. Those who break the law should be subjected to it if they cause vandalism and other related issues.

The path around Harland Park is perfect for a short stroll. Much of it sits in the shade too. Something that is highly sought after during the intense Florida summer heat waves.

As the summer continues to come closer, you will hear me talk plenty about staying hydrated and safe. I have dealt with dehydration and even heat stroke in one deadly part of my life. Stay safe when exploring especially on hot summer days.

Pokemon Go:

Considering the size of Harland Park, two Pokestops is a fairly good deal. With a few spawns dotting the area, this region is worth visiting while exploring the nearby Blue Jacket Park. The calm serene atmosphere is a plus.

About a year ago, I would have been overjoyed to hatch a Larvitar in Pokemon Go. However, thanks to community days, I have plenty of this Pokemon. There are other mons that hatch from the high level eggs that I seek much more.

Believe it or not, I am still not done with Baldwin Park. Look forward to the next adventure right around the corner.

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