Dungeons and Dragons Day 3: The Road to Iron

A New Member

The party awoke to find Sneaky Peak had snuck off on his own. The rest of the party, including a Death Knight, A Monk, a Barbarian Warlock, and a Paladin continued on their way to Iron and eventually Diamond, the Capitol City of Spatia.

On the way they encountered a caravan that had been destroyed by a mysterious foe. Also nearby was a strange Psionic Tiefling who wore armor that made him appear in the nude. After some very awkward introductions involving an illusonary penis, the Psionic joined the group.

The Kenku

The group encountered a group of Kenku nearby. The creatures thought they were hidden in the valley near both sides of the road, but the party revealed that the bird creatures had been spotted. Any chance for making a a deal or peaceful negotiations failed when the Kenku attacked instead.

First a group of three attacked from the right side. Emerging from the valley they tried to attack the party. This failed miserably when one had a spell cast on it that caused this creature to flee back down the the path into the valley. It became food for a Giant Hyena, a warning to not enter this area.

The second group of 4 Kenku fared even worse. Half their numbers dropped their bows in the initial attack and the whole group was quickly dispatched. However, this group forced the party into the deadly valley and the battle attracted other visitors.


2 Basilisks reacting to noise came to investigate. While most of the party fled, the Psionic used his Dreamform double to investigate the creatures. An unwise move as it turned out the Basilisk could use its petrifying gaze to hit the caster through the effect. While he was restrained, the fatal petrify did not set in and the party wisely set forward away from this death trap.

9 days until the next full moon, 2 days until Iron is reached. 4 days until the Capitol of Diamond is in sight . And still the cryptic words of the Orc Leader hang heavy over the group.

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