Exploring the World With Pokemon Go: Reeves Terrace Neighborhood Center

Today I stumbled upon another area with multiple parks. I have actually been to this location before too. I’ll focus on Reeves Terrace Neighborhood Center, and will do the other two areas later. They are better seen during the day.

The Reeves Terrace Neighborhood Center features tennis courts and spots to play basketball. Beyonf this area sits a hiking trail. I went down here, but realized that I had entered the second of the three areas. I’ll upload the pictures from that part of the journey next time.

This is both Reeves Terrace Neighborhood Center and most of the next park in the same map. The area is a large square with a few different paths for walking.

Thanks to the current event, everything appearing is Generation 3. I am unsure if there is a nest here, but given that three parks are connected, coming here is certainly worth it.

No eggs hatched yet, but if it had not been so dark, I would have considered staying out to get one. That means expect an egg hatch tomorrow.

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