Exploring the World With Pokemon Go: Lake Emerald Park

It was a bit cold this morning when I had some free time to explore. Knowing that there was one more sub optimal park near my last adventure, I set off towards Lake Emerald Park.

Somehow Lake Emerald Park had even less views of the lake than my last park visit. I was essentially confined to street neighborhood walking which is not my goal at all. While I showed up ready to be disappointed and managed to exceed my own expectations.

However, I do want to clarify, that if one is seeking a nice neighborhood stroll, than Lake Emerald Park is perfect. Make sure to watch out for cars though as there are no sidewalks here. However, if you are looking for a park with trails and a nice relaxing atmosphere, then I recommend looking elsewhere.

Not only is Lake Emerald Park pictured here, but Lake Weldona Park is visible too. Of the two, Lake Emerald Park is even worse as far as Pokemon Go is concerned. I did not see any spawns while here. And while there were plenty of critters nearby (my GPS was goofing off in this picture) there was nothing worthwhile to catch at the physical park.

Since I did not get to do much walking today, there is no egg hatched to show. Stay tuned for my next adventure where I will (hopefully) remedy that.

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