Exploring the World With Pokemon Go: Cherry Tree Park

Just north of South Street and Toll Road 408 in Orlando Florida, I stumbled upon a little park while avoiding the rain. While really more a children’s playground than anything else, there was still a Pokestop here. Thus, I decided to take a look around. Lets explore Cherry Tree Park with Pokemon Go.

Here is the park from another angle.  I took a walk around the block for a bit before I took this picture.  There were children at play and I felt very awkward with the idea of taking pictures while they were near. This is hardly a place that one would consider playing Pokemon Go after all.

Despite being a place mostly for families with children, there is still a large area of Cherry Tree Park that is open.  The property backs up to the houses on the block nearby that I chose to walk.  I want to hatch eggs in Pokemon Go of course, but the park was just too small for that.

Pokemon Go:

As one can see, this park is very small.  There is little of interest here in regards to Pokemon Go.  This area is for local families to spend some time outside.  I felt a little out of place when I first got here, and probably will not be playing Pokemon Go here in the future. Its a nice place, but I felt like I was disturbing the families who came here to feel safe with their children.

The rarest Pokemon that spawned was actually a Bagon that I found on the way here. And the only reason that such a rare Mon appeared was because it was windy which causes an increase in Dragon type spawns. The park itself only had common Pokemon such as Pidgey and Venonat.

In the end, I did manage to hatch a Nosepass.  I can’t complain there as his evolution is in Generation 4 and I now have enough candy to evolve him twice.

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