Warcraft Haiku Series: Warrior Followers


Finna the Vrykul
Brave fights at the Broken Shore
Serves Odin Eternal

Ragnvald Drakeborn
Saved his clan from great evil
Broken Shore fighter

Hymdall, Guardian
Stands guard for Odin’s great hall
Tests for worthiness

Svergan the Stormcloak
Stormheim belongs to the Nords
And also Odin

Dvalen Ironrune
Served the Old G-ds in the past
Free to serve Odin

The King Ymiron
Twice failed at redemption
But one final chance

Hodir Lord of Ice
A Keeper of Ulduar
And friend of Odin

Thorim, Thunderous
Remembers from the mountains
But his wife is dead

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