Warcraft Haiku Series: Warlock Followers


Ritssyn Flamescowl
Watched Ragnaros fall from grace
But got burned harshly

Demon Calydus
Betrayed the Burning Legion
But Demons have plans…

Zinnin Smythe who,
Stopped talking after Deathwing
but changes his tune

Warlock Jubeka
a very tough decision
saved a friend by death

Shinfel Blightsworn, spikes
Corrupted by Cho Gal’s blood
Hunts Twilight Cultists

Kira Iresoul
Has a different idea
Warlocks work as one

Another Fizzlebang
but Hopefully she is not

The Eredar Twins
Once a raid boss Sunwell
Enslaved by Warlocks

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