Warcraft Haiku Series: Rogue Followers


Garona Half Orc
Born from rape, brainwashed to kill
Now, free from Gul’Dan

Vanessa VanCleef
Watched her father die while young
master of poison

Master Mathias
Leader of SI: 7 and
master of stealth moves

Taoshi the rogue
Shado-Pan Assassin and
wits to match her skill

What? Noggenfogger?
Mixing Elixirs for days
Slaying in the night

Valeera the rogue
She always watches her back
Creates miracles

Tethys the Pirate
Leads the Bloodsail Buccaneers
sports a nice hat too

Jorach Ravenholdt
Quite a legendary rogue
passes his skills on.

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