Warcraft Haiku Series: Paladin Followers


Lady Liadrin
Once a Priestess, then Blood Knight
Now, redeemed hero

Maxwell Tyrosus
A Paladin true and true
Leads the Silver Hand

Julia Celeste
Fought against the Scourge and now
Serves the Silver Hand

Paladin Boros
Triumvirate of the Hand
Help Priests find a Stave

Sunwalker Brightmane
The first Tauren Paladin
Saves Velen and Priests

Delas Moonfang, first
Night Elf Paladin to join
The new Silver Hand

Lothraxion, What?
A Nathrazim Paladin?
A Redeemed Demon

Arator, Half Breed
With Heroic Parents, and
High obligations


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