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    Ross Ellison

    Hello! Welcome to the premier forum to discuss everything related to Ross Ellison: The Timelost Storyteller.

    As with any forum, there are rules that must be followed for the sake of an open space to those both stuck and unstuck in time. The nature of Dark Fantasy means that some grotesque topics will be discussed on this forum. However, that does not invite name calling or discrimination of any kind.
    Creatures of all species and races both heroic and villainous are welcome in this space so long as they respect the roles of those around them.

    -Threads involving spoilers must be marked with the appropriate tags. We are all in different stages in the universe and that means we discover at different paces. Within said spoiler threads, spoilers must contain tags to hide sensitive information from eyes that do not wish to see it.

    -Using this forum to self promote is not allowed and said posts will be deleted. Said posts will be treated as spam. The one exception to this rule will be in signatures, so go ahead and post relevant links.

    -It also needs to be stated that spam of any kind will not be allowed.

    – Repeating yourself over and over will not get you noticed any more if the first attempt has failed.

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