Tin Foil Hat: Conspiracy Theories are Conspiracies


After watching a favorite South Park Episode, I was reminded of the title statement.  Conspiracy theories are many in the world, talked about on a message board near you, every minute of every day. So it should be no surprise that sometimes, the purpose behind these theories is not what it seems. Which is what we will delve into today.

Sometimes rather than a person in their families basement coming up with some idea, it can come from a far more malignant source. Is it not unreasonable to think that a government or big business could be the original source of a conspiracy theory?

After all, who has to gain from a population that is confused and at each other’s throats for slight differences in opinion?  Its not the average Joe, that much is certain.  The problem in the world with the average everyday person is, that they are not as smart as they think they are.  Also the people who hold the leash on their lives is far more intelligent than we are lead to believe.

If the people controlling us are able to make us think that they lack intelligence while guiding our every action, what else are they capable of doing?  So obviously the conspiracy theories that we think have our masters caught red handed are actually just ideas that they let leak to distract us from actual conspiracies.

Makes sense when you consider there is a fountain of information known as the internet.  But rather than let us peasants do what we want, which is detrimental to their existence, instead they make up things and post them on the internet for we the people to find.  The better to control us with.

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