The Power of Music


For the last couple of months, my life has been one wild roller coaster ride.  On one hand, I am now a published author and am gaining a fan base at a nice steady pace.  That part of my future is looking bright as are the prospects for future jobs and a chance to finally earn a degree.

Of course its not all sunshine and Coronas on the beach.  My current job situation is far from optimal and to get my physical wealth under control, I have an uphill battle.  But, that uphill battle is what makes the victory at the end so sweet does it not?

The reason that many never reach their victory is because they have found nothing to motivate them to reach that point in their life.  The future can be great and its fun to dream about what you may be like one day, but what about now?  If you are like me, Music is what gets me from point A to B

For fun, I will mention all the different music I listen to as I write this post.  At the moment I am listening to “Someday the Dream Will End” from Final Fantasy 10, a song about trials untold and potentially even greater ones ahead.  The song to me is a crossroads of sorts.  Many people reach such a point many times in their life and the choice of where they go dictates if they improve their life, if that life worsens, or if it improves.  sometimes, it can even be all three at the same time!

Music resonates with the Human Soul I think.  Different music relates to different people at different times.  For a man such as myself, who wishes to focus on himself and not on relationships and such, I feel little power from most of the popular music currently.

As the songs switch, instead “King Bulblin” comes on.  this song, a favorite of mine from Twilight Princess represents turmoil and mortal peril. One who faces a foe far more powerful and dangerous than themselves knows the feelings evoked.

To me this song also has another special meaning.  I use music when I write fiction to symbolize what I am currently writing about.  This song in particular represents a certain battle that readers of  “The End of Utopia” are waiting for.  A battle between two certain brothers.  One corrupted by terrible Magic and the other potentially using the very same Magic to defend himself.  I’ll let you decide which of the two is more dangerous.

Next to play is one of my favorite songs from Video Games (and yes it is my preferred music above all others.) “Hollow Bastion” from the original Kingdom Hearts, a song as iconic as the dungeon it represents.  It has the added appeal of a unique time signature.  Some debate its 5/4, but I think that the best way to count the measures is in an alternating pattern of 6/8, 2/4.  This song is one that serves as a reminder that no matter how deep I dive into the very darkness of my soul, I can still emerge whole.

The whole uneasiness this song puts its listener into with its rare time signature, its harmonized minor keys, and its beautiful piano part carries me away to a world of magic and twilight illuminated halls. (And don’t forget the Rising Falls)

Music carries me into a better future and I regret that most don’t take the chance to slow down for a moment to take a breath and let their mind wander.  Music allows me to reach this state of understanding, and this ability to understand is powerful indeed.

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