The End of Utopia Character Anthology features Ten characters with Ten different fates that will change the world. For good or ill, these powerful individuals have been chosen by destiny to have a larger than life impact on the future of both Demons and Humans.

From Cult Leaders, to Demons, and even Vampires, there is plenty to discover is this introductory novel to the Search for Eden Series. The lives of the inhabitants of this mysterious world are varied as each forges ahead on their respective destinies.

Fans of short stories and long form both will rejoice. The tales contained here can be read in order or outside of context. While there is a reason to the madness of the order they are presented in this novel, that does not mean there are no other paths to explore this strange world.

Heroes and villains clash and keep to themselves in equal amounts as these stories spiral around the world

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Reviews: The End of Utopia Character Anthology

” The order of the stories does a great job spinning you around the different angles and sides this world holds and by the end, you are aware of the fact all of these characters will cross paths somehow and someway in a much large span of work. The cast of characters span cynical and dark to a whimsical magic using Treasure Hunter to even a vampire who has exceptional survival instincts. “

“I want to know more about these characters!! Get busy! “