Me Being Obnoxious to Obnoxious People: Part 4

Spring Break has come to an end which means I’ll be forced to deal with more obnoxious people again this week.  However, this does little to add entertainment for the sake of this blog post.  Just like last week, there are only a couple encounters.  I promise to do better next week.

Person 1: A Pokemon Battler

In direct contrast with an earlier encounter with an anti Pokemon Go Player, this one involves a Pokemon Fan.  I was minding my own business doing random battles on Pokemon Showdown.  For those who are not aware, Pokemon Showdown is a website that has battle simulators.  The point of this website is for competitive battlers to practice playing Pokemon Battles with perfectly optimized teams.  This significantly helps with the breeding process which is incredibly tedious in Pokemon.

Anyway, the person in question was a griefer that I had the privilege of battling in Random Battles. This mode sounds just as chaotic as it actually is.  There is no team building.  You get a random built one before every battle.  The one true skill this mode tests is patience.  Something that my opponent was sorely lacking in.  I set the timer for the turns as I usually do because people can take an eternity to inpout their moves for the sake of trolling.  My opponent was not amused by the timer going on and started harassing me through the game.

His comments are not worth putting here, but included Nazi Slander and other racial slurs as this individual was desperate to figure out what nationality.  My username gives nothing away and my avatar on Pokemon Showdown indicates that I am a Sociopath Megalomaniac.  The troll, in failing to offend me, tired his hardest to tilt me and win the battle.  He almost succeeded.

An Appropriate Victory

My rebuttal was epic enough to warrant a spot on this post.  I had one Pokemon left to his entire team of six.  And I felt doomed, because that one remaining Pokemon is called Regigigas.  Despite his legendary status and incredibly strong stats to go with it, this Pokemon has a major and absolutely crippling flaw.  For the first five turns that the Pokemon is out, Regigigas has his attack and speed halved.  This normally is a death sentence in Competitive Pokemon.  However, out of desperation, I paralyzed his current pokemon hoping it would be unable to act.  For five turns, it did nothing.  I managed to one shot his entire team with a joke Pokemon and shut the sucker up for good.

More Next Time

Unlike all my other responses, I said nothing.  Nothing needed to be said here.  My victory was all that was required.  This single encounter for this week is proof that sometimes, actions speak louder than words.  Don;t worry, next week I’ll have plenty more to say. 


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