New Monday Posts: Unpopular Opinion


I’ll be frank with this post.  While the Tinfoil Hat idea was loads of fun at first, the political world has become so confusing over the last month or so to the point where fact, fiction, satire and reality have become so intermingled and so interchangeable that I have grown bogged down by it.  Between  now and January I want to take a breather from the political garbage and focus on developing other avenues of my writing.

Rather than write about rainbows and unicorns though, a blog post from me has to fulfill a requirement to bring more darkness into the world.  So I shall deliver.  And with a topic that has far more wiggle room, and best of all, allows me to showcase my unique talents of disagreeing with everyone.

So, starting this next Monday, Tin Foil Hat Monday’s will be replaced with Unpopular Opinions. I am hoping that by picking topics that might be polarizing or tough to think about, that I can create civic engagement.  Polarizing topics are of course, important to discuss for a reason.

The rest of my Blog Schedule remains unchanged.  Stay tuned for the next big thing.

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