My thoughts on Rogue One: Spoiler Free


I finally got around to seeing the new Star Wars Movie.  I’ll share some brief thoughts on what I saw, but no need to worry, spoilers will not appear in this review.

Anyhow, I felt right from the get go that the story is set up well, and due to a combination of camera angles and many unknowns at once, the interest of the viewer is aroused.  Although I can see this as a problem for those not used to complex stories.  Seeing many characters that are either named a few times or not at all can be problematic.  I, however did not suffer this issue, as I am used to reading novels with many many characters.

The next striking aspect of this movie, and one of the few that was not to my liking was the lack of Jedi and Sith or rather, Force Sensitives.  While there are allusions to the force in the movie, for obvious reasons, only a few Jedi and Sith remain due to the plot related events of Episode 3.  But this little detail is minor, and just a personal preference of mine.

The one detail that I have mixed feelings on is the main character.  On one hand, she is well written.  I can understand her actions most of the time, and I always have been a fan of characters that have criminal elements to them.  My problem with her is the fact that I feel like when she was written, she existed to appeal to a ton of audiences.  A combination of male, and female ones, and as a result, I feel like part of her character development, or lack of in some cases, feels forced.  But that i something I can live with.  A movie has a limited amount of time to tell its story.

All in all I would recommend Rouge One to both Star Wars Fans and newbies alike.  The darker themes play correctly into the plot and the movie has a satisfying conclusion.


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