My 2016: A Year in Review


I figure as 2016 ends today, I might as well reflect on the year.  This has been an unusual year for both myself and the world, it seems.  I managed to accomplish quite a lot in the span of 12 months and I should feel good about these accomplishments.  Most of my complaints come from the larger problems that affect more than just myself.

As for personal, I managed to get an Associates Degree in the summer, and completed my first semester at University of Central Florida while maintaining above a 3.0 GPA.  Those accomplishments are benefited further by me working for a startup that is nearing revenue phase.  An indication that my financial hardship may finally be coming to an end.  To supplement this income, I am in the process of starting my own business to circumvent the poverty cycle of perpetually low paying jobs.

The third aspect of my future income is so significant that it requires its own section.  After searching for a year in pursuit of a cover artist, I finally made the last minute adjustments to my Anthology and published it.  While it won’t be available to read until January 2017, this publication is a major step forward in my life.

There is plenty of bad as well.  The president elect poses a potential danger for myself and my friends coming into 2017.  the current president and his administration are leaving me vexed about Israel at the moment, in a time where being a Jew is becoming increasingly dangerous.  But watching a world where ideologies are forming that are best left forgotten is really my greatest fear moving into the new year.

As a writer I have an incredible skill to make use of.  Many of the negative things outlined are within my power to address.  And I will be writing to continue my personal civic engagement into this new year, and any policy or idea that I disagree with, will be mentioned by me soon after its inception.  I am capable of fighting against injustice and will fight for every inch of ground that it seeks to take.

As a human being, I am worried about the new year, despite my recent gains, but as a writer, I could not be more delighted.

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