Lok’tar Ogar


I have already elaborated on a few of the slogans that drive my life forward.  To review, these two slogans are as follows:
Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Fear is the most powerful of all emotions.

Now, I will add the third aspect of what drives me.  The phrase listed above in the title is derived from Warcraft Orcish.  And while the most famous speaker of the quote is not one who my general beliefs align with (Garrosh Hellscream) there are plenty of Orcs that my personality does align closer with.  Notably a combination of Ner’zul Shadowmoon, Gul’Dan Stormreaver, and Varok Saurfang who also embody the three slogans listed all together.

Ner’zhul better known as the Lich King embodies the first.
Gul’dan the most powerful mortal Warlock may be one of the defining characters who defines the second.
Varok, who’s incredible feats bring respect to Warcraft players as well as memes all over the world embodies the third (with his unstoppable cleaves)

But what you are likely asking yourself is, what does “Lok’tar Ogar” mean?

Quite simply it translates to: Victory or Death.

And this philosophy guides every aspect of my life just as hatred grants me the power to move forward.  This philosophy is what allows me to use fear as power rather than be shackled by it.

In every pursuit I make, in every attempt I in any aspect of my life, I will accept nothing short of success.  If I fail, I try again.  After all there are two ways to do something.  “You can do it right, or you can do it again.” Neil Murphy.

For me, failure is not an option.  I have suffered too much and fought with just about every single living entity that has entered my life.  I will fight for victory in each and every endeavor or I will die trying.


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