Exploring the World With Pokemon Go: Windermere Town Square

It has been a long time since I explored for my blog. But when my birthday struck, I got a chance to take a break from work. Let’s see what I saw on September 1st in Windermere Town Square.

Situated in well, Windermere Town Square, this park was the perfect place for me to take a peaceful walk for my birthday. The streets were quite quiet. After all, a hurricane was coming. I am unsure what this place is like on a normal day, but the serene peace was comforting when I walked by.

The road nearby zigzags beside and around the park. I had to cross the street a few times as a result. But the traffic was almost as quiet as the park itself. People feared the nearing hurricane and had already hunkered down in some parts.

The large white building in that last picture is Windermere City Hall. Located right in the center of the Town Center Park makes sense. I didn’t get too close to the building because I try to stay away from government institutions as much as I can during my walks.


I took a moment out of my day and walk to check out the many plaques honoring the many branches of the United States Military. Does that count as going near Government Property? I suppose it does. Oh well, didn’t break any laws.

I could write an entire blog post about the complex nuances of the United States Military and our country, but this is a travel blog. I’ll deal with heavier topics in other facets of writing. So I’ll leave this potential discussion at that.

The Other Side:

Windermere Town Square is separated in two by the nearby street. I crossed the road and entered the other section after paying my respects at the nearby plaques mentioned earlier.

The green open sections here just scream to be used for recreational activities. Indeed, if not for the hurricane, I would have expected plenty of parents and kids playing catch if not a group at least having a peaceful picnic.

Pokemon Go:

As expected of any heavily trafficked area with a park, Windermere Town Center was the perfect spot for some Pokemon Go. Raids kept my notifications a-ringing the whole time I was here. The non stop spawns and plenty of Pokestops kept me with plenty to do. And where there are Raids, there are gyms to battle. All in all, check out this area in game and outside of it.

Its been a long time since I got to put up a blog post. Since I have been busy at work and making lifestyle changes, maintaining this every day has become difficult. Expect more posts in the future, but they will be in much less frequency for the time being. Once I get things under control, prepare for many more on a massively frequent basis.

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