Exploring the World With Pokemon Go: Rotary Riverfront Park

Thanks to financial woes, I was unable to play Pokemon Go properly for a couple days. Thus to make it up to those who read my travel blog, I decided to go explore a place outside of Orlando. I went to Titusville and found Rotary Riverfront Park.

However, by the time I got back to Orlando from my visit to the east coast of Florida, I was unable to completely write about my experience. I hope I can be forgiven for writing this a day late.

Rotary Riverfront Park may appear to be on the Atlantic Ocean, but the name gives away the truth. This is actually the Indian River that I took multiple images of. However, just because the name says river does not mean it is either. It would be more accurate to call the Indian River a sound. For those of you who do not know what this means, it refers to a body of water situated between two masses of land.

Unlike a river though, the Indian “River” does not flow the way one would expect it to. It behaves far more like an ocean or sea with the wind being the only source of movement of the water.

Anyway, enough about the water. Rotary Riverfront Park is divided into three sections. The pictures above are from the first section. My time in this first part of the park was limited for one simple reason. Thanks to a combination of factors both environmental and man made, there was a horrible smell in this part of the park. I can best describe it as a combination of sewage, algae, and ammonia. This makes sense since all three of these pollutants contributed to the smell. Hopefully this can be fixed soon.

Area 2:

I took the least number of pictures of the second part of Rotary Riverfront Park. This is a shame since given ideal conditions, this was the largest area of the three. However, thanks to the recent hurricanes much of this area was in ruins. You can see the remains of what was once a long pier. Most of it was washed away and I assume that since Titusville is not a tourist destination for beaches, that there has been less effort to restore it.

When people travel to this part of Florida, many opt to go to the Kennedy Space Center. This major location for rocket launches was only on the other side of the massive “river”. But I did not go there obviously. Much of this second area as already noted was not in the best state of repair. Ropes blocked access to many of the areas and I did not wish to trespass.

Area 3:

The third and final area is where I spent most of my time. The rain that had ended just when I arrived gave way to a beautiful rainbow across the river. This section featured multiple areas with unique architecture as well marking this place as my favorite area of the three.

The pictures I took in this section of Rotary Riverfront Park speak for themselves. This is a lovely area and it is truly a shame that the second area has not been cleaned up. It is also a shame that the water is polluted since the smell, though fainter still existed even in this part of the park.

Pokemon Go:

All of Rotary Riverside Park is visible in this Pokemon Go Image, but I chose to take two different ones to showcase the area better. All three areas have at least one Pokestop. Sadly the massive pier shown in the middle is the ruined area that I showcased in pictures above.

I do not know the optimal places to play Pokemon Go in Titusville but can say that the area was at least decent. While I have played at beaches before, and while Daytona has a spot that is vastly superior to this one. There might be better places to play, but I am unsure where to find them in this part of Florida.

Of major notice is the fact that the Gym which I controlled when this picture was taken, is an EX Raid Gym. For those wanting Deoxys, battling a raid at this gym gives you a fair shot at catching one down the road.

Here is the same park from the other end. While this is a more beautiful spot, there were less Pokemon to catch here and far less Pokestops. And yes there is a gym and Pokestop across the nearby street. However said street is US Highway 1 and running across a four lane dived highway in Florida is a very dangerous idea.

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