Exploring the World With Pokemon Go: MCO Terminal C

Since I am going to be in Chicago for about a week, I figured this was the perfect chance to do a very different blog post. For a long time, I wanted to explore MCO Terminal C. Better known as Orlando International Airport, I will be using MCO because it is shorter. Anyway, Terminal C was built recently and is not ready to be a fully functioning area of the airport, but that did not stop me from seeing what was already there.

Before I could reach MCO Terminal C, I had to ride a tram to get there. I have driven down the road that this track goes alongside, but being inside the train itself was a different matter. As I have mentioned in the past, I love trains of all types. I do not get upset when I get stopped by a freight train. Nor do I jump when an Amtrak horn sounds off nearby.

Airports also are one of my favorite places because I love to look at advanced architecture. Curved walls and futuristic surfaces fascinate me. The chance to see an airport area that was complete and yet quite was exhilarating. I’ll explain more as we continue on.

The Terminal:

As I entered MCO Terminal C for the first time, I was taken aback by multiple aspects. The first was that this area was even a better design than what I expect from the rest of MCO. That is no small thing. As the travel destination to many who frequent Disney World, this airport was built to impress.

Another notable thing that caught my eye immediately was no surprise. After all, I had selected this location for that very reason. As mentioned in many of my prior posts, I do not take images of others without their permission. An empty airport terminal was a perfect solution here. It should be obvious that normally, an airport terminally is packed with people who are eager to be elsewhere.

Beyond the Entrance:

The second floor was no less impressive than the first. However, it was much more eerie than the entrance. I’ll get to that in a moment. First, I made sure to take an image of the train station from above. While I did not showcase this in that first picture, the lights on the domes are constantly changing color. Combined with the curved walls and the entire color scheme, it creates a pleasing aesthetic.

Anyway, on to the eerie. Besides myself, the cleaning crews, and one other airport guest who was taking advantage of the relative silence to take a nap, I was the only one in the massive and silent corridors. One day in the future this place will be packed with people. But right now, the only way to know that this is not simply an abandoned complex, is how new everything looks.

Alas, all journeys come to an end eventually. This one ended once I reached the other entrance of MCO Terminal C. This place was the creepiest of all. I was truly alone at this part, If this had been a horror movie, this is where I would have met my swift and not so genre savvy end.

On the way, I found a mural that explained from an energy efficiency angle what was happening in this part of the airport. Even if you care little for everything else I have mentioned, perhaps come take a look at this enlightening information.

Pokemon Go:

I have talked at length about MCO Terminal C. But how does it measure up in Pokemon Go? Well as you can see above, it doesn’t measure up at all. And this is because the game does not even realize that this area exists. I am unsure how long it will take for that to change. But Pokemon Go Players should know that Terminal C has absolutely nothing of value in game.

However, everything changes if you go back to the rest of the airport. The image above shows what Terminal C will look like in game in the future. This is a rare case where being patient will pay off significantly. I mean look at all the spawns, stops, and gyms.

As you can see from the many images above, it pays to travel in Pokemon Go. I hatched 9 of those at the same time too. And they were all 10k Eggs which means rare Pokemon in abundance. None of the things hatched from those eggs was anything to scoff at. Sadly, there was a specific Pokemon I wanted. I am sure you can guess the result.

I will be in Chicago, Illinois as well as the surrounding suburbs for a week. Look forward to images far from Florida as a result.

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  1. I’m going to pick up a friend from the airport tonight and plan on arriving early to play Pokemon go for a bit because I remembered about this blog.

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