Exploring the World With Pokemon Go: Loch Haven Park North

I returned to Loch Haven Park North and began my exploration in earnest. This place needs little introduction since I already explained how excited I was to come here in my last post.

Last time I came here, I focused on everything south of Princeton Street. This time, I went the other direction. While much of my last visit showcased open fields and countless examples of artwork, I saw different areas this time around. That is not to say that Loch Haven Park North lacks parks and artwork. Here are pictures showcasing that simple fact.

For a small part of this adventure, I returned to the Orlando Urban Trail. The path is so integrated into Loch Haven Park, that I did not even notice I had ventured back onto it until I saw the mile markers.

Loch Haven Park North is known by many for its many museums. The Science Center is especially notable in this regard. I did not get a chance to step inside any of the exhibits since this blog focuses more on the outdoors, but perhaps I will change that in the future.

An area filled with museums and other areas of learning is a major draw. Loch Haven Park is truly remarkable for this reason. From open park fields to a theater exhibit the sheer number of possible activities here is staggering.

Tons to Do:

With the unique ability to meld nature, machine, science, exploration, and art, Loch Haven Park is one of my favorite places in all of Orlando. Getting to see Loch Haven Park North under such a lens was a truly incredible experience.

While I have come here time and time again to check out the many possibilities presented here, never before have I explored this location in one sitting. I was not the only one exploring either. People of all ages are captivated by this area. I passed by groups of children on a school field trip as well as individuals significantly older, just enjoying the quiet peace.

As I wrapped up this adventure, I was sad to know that it might be some time before I find a park quite like this. Loch Haven Park North is a unique adventure that can only be replicated in equally special places. I will stress again that this is one of the most amazing areas in all of the Orlando Region.

Pokemon Go:

Loch Haven Park North is nothing short of incredible in Pokemon Go. With multiple Gyms and Pokestops, there is plenty of opportunities to stock up on items. The entire park is a Pokenest and as the above image showcases, there are many rare mons to be found. Do not pass up the chance to play here. Loch Haven Park in general is fantastic both in real life and in game!

Thanks to my new job having me walk around a lot, I get to hatch plenty of eggs. It has been many days since my last post. I got plenty of Pokemon from eggs to make up for it.

I’ll be continuing down the Urban Trail to the next park for my newest adventure. Look forward to it.

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