Exploring the World With Pokemon Go: Lawton House

I ended up visiting the Lawton House in Oviedo after being unable to find the park with the same name. As it turns out, there is overlap between the two spots.

Since the Lawton House is well… a house there was not too much to see outside. Still I took plenty of pictures so that one can view the place from every angle. It also was raining the entire time I was here. The weather combined with a tight schedule created a situation where I could not stay long.

For added fun, those of you who want to check out this historic landmark of Oviedo should come on the first Saturday of the month. Not only will you find a farmer’s market, but this is the only time where the house is open for tours.

Not only is the Lawton House in this spot within Pokemon Go, but another nearby park is too. The spawns were better than my last place, but still nothing stands out here. Of course, I have been to most of the well known spots to play Pokemon Go. I need to stop being disappointed when I visit alternate locations.

Next time I’ll continue exploring Oviedo. There are still plenty of parks to check out before I return to the Cross Seminole Trail. Also, no eggs this time. I didn’t walk very far.

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