Exploring the World With Pokemon Go: Lake Dot Park

The park I wanted to explore is still closed. I overslept too. Good thing I found Lake Dot Park nearby. Let’s see what I discovered.

Sadly, what I found was a lake that had visible garbage dumped in. The algae visible on the shore is probably thriving thanks to this junk being added. It bothers me that people so easily throw their waste into a lake. This could be a beautiful area without such things. Lake Dot Park could be improved immensely with some simple cleanup.

I do want to clarify something about Lake Dot Park. This area does have some beauty to it. The fountain in the middle helps give a scene of peace. This is despite West Colonial Drive(State Road 50) a major road in Orlando sitting right behind me.

It was windy while I was here and the water from the fountain was carried to my face. With the heat that will only grow as summer grows closer, it was a refreshing feeling. For those looking for a quiet walk around a lake, look no further than this location. It is just west of Interstate 4 on West Colonial Drive.

Pokemon Go:

Lake Dot Park follows a trend I keep encountering in Pokemon Go. A park with multiple Pokestops, or Gyms in this case, but no spawns. Lake Dot Park at least, has the excuse of not actually being considered a park in Pokemon Go, or even on Google Maps for that matter. However, this translates to a place not worth coming to unless a raid is happening at one of the nearby Gyms.

Thanks to a special event happening in Pokemon Go, eggs are hatching much faster right now. Expect to see lots of adorable critters for the next week.

Thanks to continued construction, I will need to search for different parks than planned. This is no problem though. I still have plenty of places to explore in Orlando alone, much less the surrounding areas.

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