Exploring the World With Pokemon Go: Goldenrod Park

This time I explored Goldenrod Park. The Cady Way Trail’s east end was right around the corner so I checked that out as well.

Goldenrod Park is best described as multiple activity areas with a large parking lot in the center. Indeed, many if not all of the pictures above are from that parking lot. I prefer to stay outside for these posts. Thus I did not enter the recreation center which takes up the most space at the park.

Goldenrod Park like many other parks in Florida, contains a playground. This one was in use and so I avoided taking pictures of it. Take my word for it. I promise it exists in this space.

I returned to the Cady Way Trail after taking a few more pictures of Goldenrod Park. But before I left, I saw a sign that informed me of the history of this location. And then I found another nearby advertising upcoming events here. On my way towards the trail’s end I passed by a tennis court that sat hidden from the rest of the park.

As I crawled towards the finish line, I passed an important milestone for this blog. The final image above informs onlookers that they are entering Seminole County. Though arbitrary under normal circumstances, this is the first time I have set foot in this part of Florida for the blog.

This last picture marks where the Cady Way Trail ends. But you might be thinking: if the trail ends, then what is that in front of me? I’m glad you asked. That is the start of a new trail. Specifically the Cross Seminole Trail. Take a guess where I will be going next?

Pokemon Go:

Here is both Goldenrod Park and the Cady Way Trail end in one picture. Pokemon Go had a bit to offer thanks to multiple Pokestops and a nearby Gym. However, my journey down Cady Way Trail in a previous post was much better in regards to playing the game. I would recommend that long walk instead of simply playing at this park.

I’ll be heading down the Cross Seminole Trail and exploring all the parks nearby. Look forward to that next. The end of one fun adventure took me through Orlando, Baldwin Park, and Winter Park. This next trail is even longer. I am thus much more excited.

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