Exploring the World With Pokemon Go: Gemini Park

Despite my promises to check out all of Baldwin Park first, I had a chance to go elsewhere for a day. Continuing my other project in Titusville, Florida I went to Gemini Park.

Returning to Titusville, I once again confronted the Indian River and its terrible smell. Gemini Park is right near the water’s edge making it impossible to avoid this stench. Despite this problem however, I would still recommend coming to see what is here.

Like much of Titusville, this area is dedicated to the United States Space Program. This should be no surprise to any familiar with the area. The Kennedy Space Center is right across the river after all.

In addition to the parks, there are a few hotels and apartment complexes by the water’s edge. At first I assumed that the land value here is extremely high. But given the state of the river, I am more curious to know if I am right or not.

I mentioned this before when I visited the nearby Veterans Memorial Park, but the damage inflicted on this area by the recent hurricanes has not been repaired. Entire sections of this park are gone.

When I wrote this article, I got a chance to ask some locales about why this might be happening. I was shocked to learn that the hurricane damage was so severe that the actual land was altered by the river. That certainly makes it difficult to fix. This area was built with specific dimensions and foundations in mind.

Pokemon Go:

Gemini Park in Pokemon Go does not look like much. However, between these two stops were plenty of spawns. The real prize is the park next door. The nearby tells you all you need to know about how amazing this next area is. Those are Hippopotas, a mon I did not have until after I took these pictures and went over there.

Next time I am in Titusville, I’ll be sure to write a blog post about that park. It was quite a neat place to explore in all seriousness.

I hatched three more mons. None of them were what I needed. Oh well, better luck next time. As for next time, I’ll be back in Baldwin Park where there is plenty to see.

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