Exploring the World With Pokemon Go: Friendship Park

Right next to my last adventure sits Friendship Park. All excitement that I had towards exploration was cut short by two factors. The first: The gate into the park was shut. The second: A storm was brewing.

As one can see, Friendship Park as heavily tailored to children. Thanks to the storm though, the park was clear of people. Though the gate had an even larger effect on that. After all, no one could get in. I took pictures as the rain permitted. Can’t afford to lose my phone to water after all.

Really, at the end of the day there was little of note at Friendship Park. This place is meant for children and families. Little else exists here except those attractions. And with the gate locked. I could not go any closer. There are still parks in Oviedo to explore and I hope that they will be better than this one.

Pokemon Go felt the same about Friendship Park as I did. This was not a place to explore under the parameters I set. Better luck next time. Hopefully the weather will cooperate too.

I did manage to hatch two eggs while here. Still they follow the theme of nothing remarkable. It should be obvious at this point that my expectations of this area were a bit higher. Still, there is more to see and then I’ll return to the Cross Seminole Trail where plenty of amazing sites still remain to see.

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