Exploring the World With Pokemon Go: Festival Park

After visiting two disappointing parks in a row, I was worried that the world was setting me up for a three-peat. But I had high hopes that when I explored Festival Park that this streak would become broken. Lets see what happened.

Festival Park is right near the Orlando Executive Airport. With many side streets dividing the park into sets of fields, there is plenty to do while here. With Pokestops aplenty and plenty of walking to complete, I became increasingly excited.

One of the downsides to living in Orlando is that it is quite dangerous for pedestrians in many areas. While there are crosswalks at the street corners, the fact that I would have needed to double back to simply reach one small section of the park proved silly. Also since I still do not know how to skate, I felt very out of place even considering going near there.

This garden was planted roughly 10 years ago and was rehabilitated more recently. Though I forgot to read the plaque nearby to learn the full history of this area, I felt incredible knowing that this park had been heavily aided by the community. As this park sits at a crossroads between multiple areas of Orlando, it was very inspiring.

This piece of art left me puzzled. There was no description anywhere. Really I had no idea what to make of it. Perhaps that is the point of this statue. Leaving art up to the interpretation of the viewer is a common tactic.

Pokemon Go:

Here is Festival Park in Pokemon Go. With lots of Pokestops all over the open fields, and even two gyms within walking distance, this area is fairly optimal for stocking up on items. However, what really excited me was that there were many rare spawns that continued to appear. For example, in this picture a Doduo is nearby. A bit earlier, I caught a Larvitar which under any circumstances is extraordinary.

Now that the ice event is over, I can properly assess the parks with great spawns. This location is worth checking out for Pokemon Go players. Two gyms are nearby and plenty of stops are within arms reach. And given the rare spawns I found, who know what else there is to encounter in Festival Park?

I hatched 4 eggs on my way to Festival Park. All four of them contained baby Pokemon that cannot be found anywhere else. Though there are a few specific hatches that I want much more than these, I could have been worse off as well.

Thanks to this park, I am feeling more optimistic that I will encounter even more great finds at random. Look forward to something new tomorrow.

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