Exploring the World With Pokemon Go: Cross Seminole Trail

Starting in the exact same spot that my last adventure came to an end, I started my journey down Cross Seminole Trail. I decided to use a similar picture to the last I took from my trek down Cady Way Trail.

The area where Cross Seminole Trail begins has a special place in my heart when it comes to Florida. The very first street I crossed on this journey marks the same one I started my life living in Orlando. Not even four blocks from here is the house I lived in when I first moved here.

Seminole County amusingly, was where I stayed first despite almost all my posts taking place in Orange County. Equally amusing, this is the first post that explores Seminole County in any capacity. Considering the name of the trail, it will not remain that way for long.

Past the Half Mile Mark:

The next section of Cross Seminole Trail took me through plenty of shade. This was helpful given that the Florida heat was already hitting me. Knowing I had quite a distance to walk was not comforting given that even in the shade, sweat covered every inch of my shirt.

The map pictured above was the first one I found on the trail. The other end of this walk will be my longest yet. And this project might even outdo Cady Way Trail in time.

I passed the 0.5 Mile marker. Don’t worry, I was watching this distance in Kilometers too since that is what Pokemon Go uses. To forget about the heat, I even tried doing the math to calculate the specific distance. You should know I hate doing math. Also I am pretty terrible at it.

One Mile In:

The lead up to mile marker 1.0 was much the same as the area leading up to it. Cross Seminole Trail goes through many diverse areas so don’t be fooled. It just happens that I took enough pictures to convince you otherwise.

An important plaque that I passed by told of the history of this region. I had never heard of the town Gabriella or the hurricane that had basically destroyed the community. A cautionary tale about how quickly environmental changes can alter a very way of life.

Around mile marker 1.5 is when the landscape around me started changing. Industrial areas gave way to expensive residential neighborhoods. Some of them were even gated. Despite the roadblock, the trail cut through quite a few of them. I hope this does not cause a security issue. If so, someone managed to make a serious oversight.

I also want to make a special mention to one specific area I passed on Cross Seminole Trail. The street crossing in the first image was important where Pokemon Go is concerned. I’m drawing attention to it now so that when I talk about it again later, it will make sense.

Two Miles In:

Probably the most noticeable landmark that I encountered so far on Cross Seminole Trail was here. Toll Road 417 crosses the trail in a section of three bridges. I found this odd and so looked up why when I could. As it turns out, there is a ramp merging onto the highway at this bridge. To most people, that fact is probably not worth mentioning. But I thought it was cool. And this is my blog.

I took a second picture of the Toll Road from afar. You might be able to spot the marshes that prevent hikers from being where they don’t belong. Its the last picture that showcases this fact best.

Thanks to the bridges, I felt a bit refreshed when I reached Mile Marker 2. I’ll tell you now that I made it to my goal in the end. But without that bridge, I might not have.

End Point:

At long last I reached my stopping point along the Cross Seminole Trail. You didn’t think I planned to do this in one sitting did you? Cady way Trail was shorter than this and I explored that in sections. I’ll be doing the same here.

However, there are few parks at this part of the trail. Sadly, I will not be checking out a park next time. Instead, I’ll continue down the trail util my next stopping point.

Lastly, I’ll draw attention to the natural visitor to that gated community. I wonder what that bird was thinking looking at all the strange human devices.

Pokemon Go:

Well I have showcased Cross Seminole Trail in the real world. Let’s talk about how this place measures up in the Pokemon Go world. This was one of the better trail journeys game wise.

Remember much earlier in this post where I drew attention to that street crossing? The above image is that same spot in Pokemon Go. I caught tons of rare mons at this specific spot including Chimecho. In the three years I have played Pokemon Go, I have only encountered it three times. Once hatched from an egg in fact!

But if that is not enough, Pokestops and spawns are plentiful all the way. I never stopped catching stuff and never ran out of items. Make sure to plan a trip to this great hiking spot. Just be mindful of the weather.

Given how far I walked, it should surprise no one that I hatched plenty of Pokemon along the way. The Beldum stood out, the rest, not so much.

I’ll be back on the trail next time. And when that happens, I’ll pass a major milestone for the blog. I’ll tell you about that, next time!

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