Exploring the World With Pokemon Go: Cross Seminole Trail 4

After a long absence away, I finally returned to Cross Seminole Trail 4. This section marked the first time I entered parts unknown along the trail. It was an exciting endeavor.

Cross Seminole Trail 4 is partially disconnected from my earlier route. I spent some time wandering around Downtown Oviedo and even crossed a few major streets to try and pick up the trail. Trees blocking the new path did not help.

Once I found the proper place to continue, it was not long before I passed Mile Marker 7.0. Clouds loomed and threatened rain. But thanks to my recent job, I no longer fear water from the sky. Lightning is dangerous. Water droplets are safe and refreshing in the Florida heat.

I also passed a sign that talked about the importance of Oviedo. I’ll take the sign’s word for it since I wanted to check out the trail and passed the plaque without giving it a proper read.

Cross Seminole Trail 4 brought back the protective safety of shade. The open sky areas might showcase breathtaking views, but its not enjoyable for the one snapping those images. That’s me by the way in case that point was lost upon you.

When I saw a sign marking a trail head, I curiously checked it out. Normally, trail-heads have parking lots. Even though I had only started my trek, I wanted to know of areas where I could stop if the sun got the better of me. This one lacked a parking lot. My journey continued without anymore detours.

The progression of images showcases just how strange Florida weather can be. Despite being taken within ten minutes of each other, the sky looks drastically different in each one. The final one warned of the rain as mentioned prior.

Mile Marker 7.5:

Cross Seminole Trail 4 continued and the falling rain became my only companion. Not that I really minded of course. The cool temperatures were welcome after so many journeys under the scorching sun.

Mile Marker 7.5 took my notice for only a moment. I was excited to see what would be around the next bend as the forest only allowed me to view so far. Remember, I have never been to this part of the trail before. Wanderlust and all that.

Mile Marker 8.0:

The rain continued as I trekked onward. This part of Cross Seminole Trail 4 looks the same as the section proceeding it. And that is because, the forest stretches onward to keep the trail separate from the many houses that lie on the outside.

When I passed Mile Marker 8.0, I reflected on how far I have walked, both on this trail and the Cady Way Trail that began this long adventure. There are many more miles I need to go before I can claim I conquered this though.

Mile Marker 8.5:

I am not sure how it happened, but some of the pictures I took while walking Cross Seminole Trail 4 did not save. Aggravated as I am, at least there are a few things to show at this point.

The signs above talk about nature areas around the world. Places that I intend to explore one day. Probably a day far in the future since I have plenty of Orange and Seminole County to see, much less an entire continent half way across the world.

Mile Marker 8.5 was the closest image I managed to save that showed the endpoint of my journey. Next time there are a couple parks to check out before I continue yet again down the trail. There are many more miles to cover till I get to the end.

Pokemon Go:

I missed getting a picture of this section of the trail in Pokemon Go. A shame really since this was the best part of the entire Cross Seminole Trail as far as playing the game was concerned. Plenty of stops all the way through ensure that one will not run out of items while catching the plentiful Pokemon.

All in all, this is one of the best sections of the trail to play Pokemon Go. That is significant since I have covered quite a few sections already.

Between walking a long distance and the large gap between my last post and this one, plenty of eggs hatched. I don’t really care about any of these since I have almost every Pokemon at this point in Go. I am eagerly awaiting Generation 5 where many of my favorites dwell.

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