Exploring the World With Pokemon Go: Cross Seminole Trail 3

I continued my journey down Cross Seminole Trail 3. This section was the most diverse by far.

My journey down Cross Seminole Trail 3 began at the large bridge pictured in all the images above. Like the bridge at Cady Way Trail, I have longed to cross this one. But thanks to a combination of apathy and other factors I had not made the trip.

That changed today. And the top of the bridge afforded me a stunning view of Red Bug Lake Road. I made sure to take pictures of both sides of the bridge.

Past the bridge, Cross Seminole Trail 3 takes a northeast route through Seminole County. This section of the trail crosses many parking lot access roads. Like earlier places on this same trail, industrial parks can be spotted on both sides.

Eventually, I made the very foolish decision to cross Aloma Avenue. (Florida State Road 426) If I had read the signs better, I would have realized that the trail went a little farther along the road and crossed at the next stoplight. I was not the only one who made this dangerous crossing. People in a rush make that choice, but for me it was an unacceptable one.

Mile Marker 5.5:

Realizing my earlier mistake, I backtracked a little on Cross Seminole Trail 3 to show the safer path forward. I also discovered a parking lot that marked a proper stopping point and parking area. However, I was not far along the trail and wanted to see more.

Despite the heat, I pressed on and passed Mile Marker 5.5. After leaving more industrial parks, the trail plunged deeper into the forest. An interesting feature of this section was the standing water. Both sides of the trail were flanked by immobile streams. In places the smell made me walk faster.

The next section of Cross Seminole Trail 3 featured plenty of benches to sit on. Considering that the southern end of the trail is quite far from here, it makes sense that this is a prime spot to take a break. However, I was getting closer to my destination and had no time to relax.

This region was mostly shaded which helped immensely against the sun. Since I had gone out later than usual, the heat had intensified before I even began my walk. Though I actually covered less ground today, I felt much more exhausted at this point.

Mile Marker 6.0:

I arrived at Mile Marker 6.0 on Cross Seminole Trail 3. This part of the journey was little different from the last. The shade continued to be a relief and even the stinky water was a minor inconvenience compared to the brutal sun over head.

I did groan audibly when I had to cross the street multiple times in the final picture above. I had enjoyed the cooling shade and being out in the sun while waiting for cars made me anxious. But I recognized the area and knew I drew ever closer to my goal.

This point of Cross Seminole Trail 3 is where it hit me. I have traveled quite far along this trail. After all, downtown Oviedo is no where near where I live at the time of this post. Nor is the trail head that I started at close. The mile markers have told you already how far I traveled down Cross Seminole Trail, but don’t forget that I walked Cady Way before that.

Though I am doing this travel blog section by section, one day I intend to travel this whole span plus what happens after in one sitting. Though I put off crossing multiple bridges for many years, I won’t do the same now. I have learned from exploring parks and trails just how much there is to see and do.

Mile Marker 6.5:

It might not look like it from the angles I selected, but I am passing through Downtown Oviedo here. Cross Seminole Trail 3 skirts the outside areas of the city district and keeps to its natural appearance. But as I passed Mile Marker 6.5, I knew that would be changing soon.

As the trail abruptly turned south towards my next destination, the terrain around me changed. And with it, the sun’s rays smacked in the face. Luckily I was near the end and not a moment too soon.

The picture above marks the closest I could showcase of my journey’s end. Sadly, the true last picture I took of Cross Seminole Trail 3 seems to have been corrupted and I can’t upload it. Don’t worry though. The trail continues, and I will have more pictures for you next time.

Pokemon Go:

Here is just a small part of my adventure today as showcased by Pokemon Go. I selected the bridge across Red Bug Lake Road due to the significance of this crossing to me. All in all, Cross Seminole Trail has been great for Pokemon Go all around and this section was no different. Special mention to the area in Downtown Oveido where Pokestops, Gyms, and Pokemon Spawns are plentiful. Make sure to give this trail a visit. Just prepare for the weather when you do!

I hatched a lot more eggs on this trip since I walked far. Nothing too special though. Most of what I want from eggs has happened already. Mostly hatching them for resources in game.

I have arrived at Downtown Oveido and like with Baldwin Park, there is a lot to explore here. I’ll be checking out the sights and then returning to the trail.

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