Exploring the World With Pokemon Go: Cross Seminole Trail 2

I started back on Cross Seminole Trail 2. Continuing right where I left off, I prepared for a scorching day.

Mile Marker 2.5:

The first part of Cross Seminole Trail 2 transitioned from residential housing to industrial parks. Those of you who stuck with me through Cady Way Trail saw a similar transition. I am curious to know why biking trails cut through these industrial areas so frequently.

Mile Marker 2.5 went by quickly. After all I had not stopped too far from it in the first place. But this phase of the trail would turn out to be one of the toughest yet. The heat started ramping up as soon as I left the shade.

Remember as I continue showcasing these photos of Cross Seminole Trail 2 that the sun was bearing down on my face. And unlike the last section of the trail, the shade was much more limited. The above images showcase the complete absence of sun cover.

The forested areas at times completely gave way to open fields. Unlike past ones, these are not open to the public. The sections around the trail are owned by industrial parks. The many “No Trespassing” signs made that point abundantly clear.

Mile Marker 3.0:

I passed Mile Marker 3.0 and saw much as the same as before. The industrial parks continued ever onward. However, one major change did occur. The trail had been content to stay away from nearby roads. But this came to an abrupt end as Cross Seminole Trail skirts right alongside Aloma Avenue (Florida State Road 426)

The trail follows this road for the rest of this journey. I am unsure when the two routes separate, but we will all find out in a later installment.

Mile Marker 3.5:

My journey down Cross Seminole Trail 2 was rudely interrupted by unwanted calls. I fear that my picture collection skills might have been pushed to an all time low as a result. I am not a talented photographer by any sense of the word. But at this phase of my travel, I was also furious after a rage inducing call.

I almost forgot to even mark that I had passed Mile Marker 3.5. I don’t do things like normally. But when my rage takes over, I forget to complete important tasks.

Mile Marker 4.0:

Yep that’s right. Even up to Mile Marker 4.0 on Cross Seminole Trail 2, I was still upset. Notice how the frequency of pictures decreased in the last couple sections comparatively. It really showcases just how one thing going wrong can twist all the things going right.

At least in my fury induced mood, I managed to ignore the extreme summer heat. It took me noticing the sweat bleeding through my shirt to remember how much water I would need when I was done.

Mile Marker 4.5:

Finally, by the time I reached Mile Marker 4.5 on Cross Seminole Trail, my anger faded. Of course, at this point it was replaced by worry. This section of the trail is completely exposed to the sun. And now with nothing to distract from the heat I was sweating and breathing heavier than before.

Turning back at this point was foolish because I was almost to my goal anyway. But remember, that despite the distance traveled I was not even half done with this walk. I had to get back to where I started after all.

The final section of Cross Seminole Trail 2 was in my opinion the most interesting area. One of the pictures taken showcases the town of Slavia. In all of my times traveling down the road, I never even notice this place. That is despite the sign telling me it is there.

The other notable feature in this section of the trail is the bridge. I’ll be focusing heavily on that part of the trail in my next installment. Despite the heat, it was a beautiful day out. I can’t wait to return here and see what else Cross Seminole Trail has in store for me. Hopefully, without the annoying phone calls.

Pokemon Go:

Certainly things were great as far as Pokemon is concerned. Plenty of spawns to be found on top of multiple Pokestops and Gyms along the way. It is hard to choose one spot on a long walk like Cross Seminole Trail 2, but I did my best.

Right next to the trail stands Lukas Nursery and Butterfly Encounter in the image above. Not only is this a unique place to explore with its selection of flowers and butterflies, but Pokemon Go side, it looks like a great place to play. Just make sure to take your eyes from the phone while there. Who knows what you might miss?

Here are the eggs that hatched between my last adventure and the end of this one. The Swinub was a worthwhile hatch because of how strong its stats are. I’ll be using it for sure.

Next time, I’ll be on the Cross Seminole Trail again continuing my journey towards Oveido, Florida.

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