Exploring the World With Pokemon Go: Colonialtown Square

Finishing off the parks around College Park, I discovered that I missed one close to Downtown Orlando. I returned to the area around my last adventure to see what Colonialtown Square was like.

Colonialtown Square is a peaceful place that showcases an event that is now deeply connected to Orlando. Though it has been a couple years, the scars left by Pulse still linger. The mass shooting effected so many in the city. The multiple memorials sitting in this park are a testament to that.

The multiple rainbow murals around the area further tell a story of importance. This place is a safe space. And that is important in a world where ideology is slowly making things more dangerous for us all.

I was moved to take a look at this memorial in more detail. As I mentioned above, Pulse had a major effect on everyone living in Orlando. It moves my heart that so many memorials like the one in Colonialtown Square exist. Using a calm moment, I collected my thoughts before continuing to the other side of the park.

The other half of Colonialtown Square was less impressive. That is not to say there was nothing here. It was simply a park with nothing that I have not already seen. Perhaps I should have come to this side first. Al my excitement was spent after seeing the wonderful murals and memorials on the other end.

Pokemon Go:

I made a mistake and forgot to take a picture of Colonialtown Square in Pokemon Go. There is a gym and a Pokestop here. You will have to take more word for it since there is no picture provided. But I recommend coming here, not only for the memorial, but because this park is a Pokemon Nest too. And at the time of writing, the Pokemon appearing here is Charmander.

I hatched a Squirtle and an Aloan Vulpix. Once upon a time, there would have been great excitement for these hatches. But that time has long passed. Look forward to my next destination.

I am going somewhere new!

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