Exploring the World With Pokemon Go: Cady Way Park

This time, I went to Cady Way Park. This recreation center is where Cady Way Trail gained its namesake. Or perhaps its the other way around.

Cady Way Park was crowded when I arrived. Notably, the pool area that I completely avoided was the destination of almost everyone here. Packed with students and their families, I did not deem it appropriate to go there.

This entry area hides something more impressive farther back. Still, I wanted to photograph my entire experience here. Even these less amazing pictures matter to me.

Moving past the parking lot let me really see what Cady Way Park had to offer. And I was not disappointed. From Baseball to Basketball, the amount of activity fields located here is staggering. Shaded regions even allow those who want to take a stroll the perfect location to do so.

Truly Cady Way Park is as varied in its activities as possible. Considering that I have seen other parks like this, it is not a bad thing. Yet this park has even more variety than many of the others I visited prior.

The Playground:

Like I said, Cady Way Park has it all. As I went farther away from the parking lot, I stumbled upon a playground too. Given the extreme heat outside, and the nearby pool, this region was completely empty. This was a rare chance to properly photograph a playground at a park and I took advantage of it.

Right near this children’s area sits a Soccer Field on one side, and Tennis Courts on the other. I’ll repeat myself till I am blue ion the face, but the activity fields here warrant a trip here all on their own. And with plenty of water fountains to be had, there is less risk of dehydration. Stay safe out there.

My final couple pictures showcase the park from the very back. There are signs of a trail back here, but there was little to show for it. However, that walkway moves towards a nearby and much larger park. I’ll focus on that in my next post.

Instead, I want to point out just how much there is to do at Cady Way Park one last time. Come check this place out. It is open to the public, minus the pool, and its a great area to stretch your legs and be outside.

Pokemon Go:

Despite what this Pokemon Go image would have you believe, this area is great in game as well. Between this Gym and Pokestop stand plenty of spawns. Quite a few of them were uncommon to rare critters too. And of course, like many parks in Pokemon Go, this one is a nest for a specific species.

At the time of writing, that Pokemon is Jynx. But who knows what will spawn here when the nests rotate.All in all, there are many reasons to come here.

However, there is another park right next door. And that one has way more space and significantly higher density of Pokestops and Gyms. Given what I found at Cady Way Park, I am excited for what I will discover next time. Hopefully, you are too.

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