Exploring the World With Pokemon Go: Boston Hill Park

Don’t let the name fool you. Boston Hill Park is still part of Florida. Notably part of Oveido for that matter.

My attention was first drawn to the signs in the parking lot at Boston Hill Park. Apparently, at one point the parking lot had been closed. The orange construction signs are a testament to that.

I decided to take a picture of the nearby Fire Station. I was taken aback by the architecture choice of the man made cliff of sorts that overlooks the fields of the park.

Though the trails are much larger than Boston Hill Park, that does not mean there is little to see. Between baseball, basketball, and soccer, there is plenty of room for all manner of activities. Following the theme of the other multi activity parks I visited in the past, each area is far enough from the others to afford different experiences for each group.

I did not get any pictures of the basketball courts. Thanks to the pick up games happening throughout, I felt it best to not intrude. If you are wondering what I mean, make sure to read my prior blog posts where I talk at length about not taking pictures of people without their consent.

Pokemon Go:

Despite the great visuals at Boston Hill Park, Pokemon Go tells a different tale. Three Pokestops might suggest that there are plenty of spawns here. And with a Gym nearby too this looks like a prime spot to play. However, there were only two spawns the whole time I was here. I recommend looking elsewhere to catch Pokemon. But for all other purposes, give this park a try.

There was a community day between my last post and this one. I hatched a lot of eggs as a side effect. None were that impressive.

There are many more parks to explore around Oveido before I return to the Cross Seminole Trail. Look forward to many hidden gems.

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