Exploring the World with Pokemon Go: Black Hammock Trailhead

After what feels like an eternity, I am back exploring Black Hammock Trailhead. This small park marks where I stopped exploring The Cross Seminole Trail many months ago.

Black Hammock Trailhead is split into two areas. The first features a walking trail and plenty of shade to rest before going to Cross Semoinole Trial proper.

Since trailheads exist both for starting points and rest areas, its not surprising to find what I did. Especially when one considers the length of Cross Seminole Trail. Minus my long rest between entries, I have been exploring this part of Central Florida for many months.

Despite that, there is still plenty to see. Which of course I’ll showcase in later entries. For now, lets talk more about this area.

The second section of Black Hammock Trailhead features a workout area and a small shelter. Both these places prepare one for the much larger excursion on the Cross Seminole Trail. Of course, nothing is stopping people from using this area in vacuum.

Unfortunately, I visited this place during rain. I am unsure how many people are even aware of this place. Considering that I saw other visitors, its safe to assume that its a popular spot. Sadly, the entrance to the trailhead is hidden by a parking lot. Only a small sign on Florida State Road 434 informs a driver what is hiding in plain sight.

One last thing of note. While exploring the many signs here, I discovered that the Cross Seminole Trail is incomplete. In the near future, I’ll be hitting a dead end. When that happens, I’ll have to find another trailhead to continue the journey. Or I might surprise everyone and do some walking on the street.

This is a travel blog. I can explore where and whatever I want.

Pokemon Go:

Lest we forget, I play Pokemon Go on this adventures. A lot has changed in game since my last post. Most notably, I hit max level in the last month. Second, the buddy system in game has changed. So that means, I have something new to add to these posts.

Behold Yunalesca the Litwick. Isn’t it adorable? Like all cute things, its just a trick to lure you to doom. That flame only burns when its feeding on people’s souls.

Death aside, the trailhead was a decent spot for spawns and stops. But the trail sits nearby and is much better for Pokemon Go. Use Black Hammock Trailhead as it was intended, both in game and out of it. A place to prepare before heading onto the Cross Seminole Trail.

I’m back at it and exploring the trail again. Look forward to more posts soon.

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