Exploring the World With Pokemon Go: Albert Park

As promised, I visited Albert Park. Situated right in the middle of downtown College Park, there is plenty to see here. As it was better to visit during the day, I chose to explore it separate from my downtown adventure.

Albert Park makes up for its small size with plenty of relaxing spaces. College Park is not as large as Downtown Orlando, but is still noisy and busy. But this park, right near everything to do is placed perfectly to offer some rest.

Even while I was visiting, others were making use of this space. Out of respect for them, I was careful where I snapped images while exploring. Despite being here in the morning, I still was hardly alone even as I walked around.

Here is that same picture I snapped in Pokemon Go a few nights ago. But in the day now. Albert Park is the focus of this post, so I’ll talk about it separate of College Park. Oh who am I kidding? That is impossible. Albert Park is right in the middle of College Park. Make sure to stop by and visit while catching the countless spawning Pokemon here. With plenty of stops and gyms along the way, be sure to come here.

I hatched three adorable baby Pokemon. Sadly, I will not find much use for them. Though who knows. Their final stages became much better as the game went on. This might hold true in Go as well.

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