Earth Everafter is a post apocalyptic series of novels set in the future. Earth has been nuked into oblivion and the remnants of the Human race live in the sky. Their only companions are mysterious flying platforms. every human is granted one at birth and none know where they originate from.

A powerful government rules over this sky land. And while their rule is seen by the common man as oppressive, there are no alternatives. Meanwhile a group of rebels known as the Renegades fights the Government. They claim to be on the side of the common man and fighting to liberate humanity. Whether this is true or not has yet to be told.

Both the Government and Renegades hunt and make use of Mutants. These Humans have strange powers. And unlike the rest, despite massive radiation still existing in the air, can travel the skies unprotected. While some of their powers are simple party tricks, others pose a direct threat to the Human Race with extraordinary abilities. That Mutants control the destiny of the world is an understatement.

Born without Hope and a family, a young girl named Hex does her best to survive in this world. But with strange happenings around her, and potentially an unknown Mutant ability, her days at staying hidden are about to end.

Earth Everafter is still awaiting the completion of the first novel. Look forward to more news soon.