Dungeons and Dragons Week 18: More Adventures in the Astral Realm

The adventurers continued to wander their respective Dreamscapes. 

Death Knight Dream

The Death Knight came face to face with a woman from his past.  However, thanks to his missing memories, he could not recall who this was.  This proved problematic both for him, as well as the Succubus that had taken her form.  While distracted, the Demoness managed to put the Death Knight under a charm spell.  And she was desperate to feed after being injured in a prior battle.  The Demoness’ deadly kiss fit that job nicely. However, this accidentally broke the enchantment and he lashed out at her in confusion.  Furious, the Succubus fled and did not reappear.  At the same moment, the illusion shattered and the Death Knight was freed from the Astral Realm.

Barbarian Warlock Dream

The Barbarian Warlock continued to fend off the onslaught of Zombies.  By standing in the hallway, he forced them to fight one at a time.  An easy battle despite its long length. After wandering the dungeon for some time, he came across another swarm of enemies.  This time a horde of Orcs stood in his path.  By employing the exact same strategy as against the Zombies, he effortlessly won this fight as well.  Once the Orcs died, the Barbarian Warlock was freed from the Astral Realm.

Monk Dream

The Monk fought battle after battle.  His fights were up against doors and living monsters.  Fighting past Bugbears, Bugbear Zombies, a Wraith, and a Swarm of Spiders, he finally freed himself from the Astral Realm.  Hoping he would never have to do that again, the Monk breathed a sigh of relief.

Rogue Dream

The Rogue found himself in a strange dream of his own despite remembering falling asleep in a comfy bed. Wandering in a strange realm, the Rogue realized quickly that there was no treasure here.  However he was forced to kill some creatures.  Notably a Specter and some Fire Elementals.  His Cloaker Companion joined him in this realm and aided in the battles.  The Rogue also expressed frustration at being unable to capture the little Fire Elementals in bags for safe keeping.  Once this Astral Realm was clear of enemies, he was freed and awoke far from his bed.

Paladin Dream

A Dwarf Paladin who belonged to house Trollbreaker set out to scout out the path of the party that had caused quite a stir in the Dwarven City.  Thanks to his family background, he had access to a hidden tunnel that would get him near this party while being unseen.  However, creatures that did not belong in these tunnels got in the way.  Screaming plants and Kobolds were only some of the nastier things he encountered.  But as a Paladin of the God Exscutchon, he would not be stopped.

However, he realized there was trouble when an allied creature appeared before him with a warning:  There were Mindflayers nearby.  The Paladin knew enough about such creatures that he wanted to stay far away.  Electing to return home and warn his family, the Paladin turned around.

That night, the Palkadin found himself in the Astral Realm.  His communion with Exscutchon meant that he had seen this place before.  Even more Kobolds got in his way.  Finally, once the Dwarf found himself sick of the creatures, he was freed of the Dream World.  When he came to, he watched as a Mindflayer died right in front of him.  But more surprises were in store, not only was he back in the cave from before, but the party of adventurers he had been tracking was right beside him!

For Next Time

New alliances are about to be forged. However, the world is about to change.  If the party does not think of something soon, things are about to become a whole lot worse.

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