With the amount of work I have created and continue to envision, I will need allies and other partners in crime to help me bring my imagination to life. There are many different individuals who all bring different talents to the table.  I have outlined examples of such people below but this does not outline every sort of person who I wish to collaborate with.  The sheer number of minds that I could find something meaningful to work with is vast.

What I Need Right Now:

Currently I need as many artists as possible.  There are many different aspects to my work that would benefit from being depicted in any manner of art forms.  From landscapes that would be quite alien here on earth, to unusual creatures, there is plenty of freedom for an artist to express their own imagination within the contexts of my work. 

I also need a few more authors so that I can create an anthology based on a theme.  I have recently had a chance to work with writers on their own projects and I feel that I can make use of my ability to come up with unique situations in this context.  Writers of many backgrounds would only make this project more unique.


Musicians and Composers




Collaborators need not look any further than here to see examples of work that I would love to work with other individuals on.  I have selected examples of my work to showcase.  Many of these selected works represent the best that I have to offer.  Not only do these selections give insight into the type of work I do, but also showcases the many different areas that I am capable of using.  

Section 1: Dungeons and Dragons Blog Posts

The first section I have chosen for examples of collaboration is not just a single writing or couple of articles.  Instead, it is an entire section of my blog.  The whole Dungeons and Dragons Category is a prime example of the type of work I am capable of.  This section is notable because it is indicative of my quick mind.  Dungeons and Dragons forces me to create story on the fly for the sake of entertainment value.  The work showcased here indicates what I am capable under pressure.  

I write these blog posts after the sessions occur.  Due to the quickness that these posts must be complete, these examples also represent my raw writing.  I do minimal editing with this section because making changes will distract from the actual work as well as take away from what actually occurred.  Some may frown upon such an art form, but that is why this is only one section of many.

The section of my blog that has these posts can be found here


Section 2: The End of Utopia Character Anthology 

The second section I have chosen for examples of collaboration is a singular novel.  This was the first book I got published after multiple revisions and edits.  I used professionals to help with both the cover and the revision process.  In contrast to the Dungeons and Dragons articles above, this novel, titled “The End of Utopia Character Anthology” represents my writing after an expansive revision process.  

This novel is the introduction to a much larger world.  A fantastic setting that will require many collaborators of all walks of life.  There are stories that I will be unable to properly tell within the greater setting because the world that has begun to be unlocked is just too vast.  This is my magnum opus story and thus I will be committing as much of my life as possible to writing it.  However, I do not want to create this world alone. That is where collaborators come in.  Those with new ideas to contribute to my own are key to my own writing process.

Here you can find this novel.  By clicking on the image of the novel on the Amazon Page, one can read an excerpt for free from the novel.  That excerpt was chosen to help showcase the novel properly.


Section 3: Poetry

For the third and final section, I have chosen to showcase a very different side of my writing.  Both Dungeons and Dragons as well as The End of Utopia Character Anthology deal with the realms of fantasy and the unknown.  Meanwhile, my poetry deals with any number of topics.  The reason for the inclusion of this third category that might seem at odds with the first two is for the purpose of indicating my varying talents.

Books of poetry are becoming far more common now.  Creating such books with a group can be a unique experience as well.  This offers the chance for many voices to reach out to an even greater source of voices.  This section has the greatest opportunity for making use of rhetorical context because of the sheer number of topics that can be used.  Thus different contexts can be used to reach different audiences.

The poetry section of collaboration is also the place for those working with me who do not wish to work within the earlier outlined genres above to collaborate.  Poetry is a limitless potential for writing.  The number of forms and genres alone has been extensively studied. This does not stop new ideas from being made in poetry every single day.

My poetry section of the blog can be found here.


If you would like to be a collaborator, it is a simple matter of sending me a message.  You can do so here.  Make sure to tell me what sort of collaboration you have in mind. I will respond as promptly as possible.