Centrum Glacies is a high fantasy story that takes place on a mysterious world where the equator is the coldest place. As one moves farther north or south, the temperature grows warmer. While theorized that the north and south poles have blisteringly high temperatures, none have managed to figure out whether this is so.

The world of Centrum Glacies is split into continents that each have their own politics. The Imperial, Southern, and Stinger Continents have a majority of cities and thus the most intrigue. But when one goes out into the wilds of the Continent of Origin or Lost Continent and one might find a different sort of intrigue.

The remaining continent known now as the Abyssal Continent is overrun by Demons and is off limits to the average person. Through a chain of strange events including a massive earthquake, this region became the epicenter of a strange conflict.

Trouble is on the horizon all over the world. Dark Cults sulk in the shadows. Two of the great continents are on the brink of war. And a faction known as the Adventurer’s Guild holds more sway than even a single nation. Yet their motives remain unclear.

Faustus, a runaway from a dark group known as the Peacemakers, is desperate to find his place in the world. He desires to reach the top of the Adventurers Guild, for that appears to be the only way for him to be safe from his past.

But he is not alone. Others also seek to join the powerful guild. Some for malicious reasons while another subset of them seek glory and fame. The ultimate goal of these champions is to reach the peak of the guild ranks: Mythril Level Adventurer. Those who reach this title are above the law. For who would be foolish enough to challenge one of the most powerful warriors in the world?

The first novel of Centrum Glacies is forthcoming.