Alan Rickman


This is the second of 2 parts detailing and honoring two great men who have left this world for things unknown.  Today, I will speak about Alan Rickman.

Best known for playing the role of Severus Snape in Harry Potter, Alan Rickman was known by his friends and family as a warm hearted individual he devoted much time to helping those in need, especially entertainers who were in poverty.  He devoted much of his life working for charities that helped this group in particular.

Another notable trait of Rickman’s, was his loyalty and devotion to his friends and family.  As he served as a mentor figure to all the young actors in Harry Potter, many of them were quoted telling of the many ways that Rickman helped them become better people and gave them the words of encouragement they needed in the most difficult hours.  Daniel Radcliffe known for his role as Harry Potter especially remarked at how much his life was bettered by Alan Rickman.

 Now as we send off Alan Rickman alongside David Bowie, I personally wish them both a fond farewell.  Your portrayal of Snape was spot on and no one could have played it better.  The world is a lesser place with your absence.

As there is a looming threat of this being a year where many iconic people will go to meet the reaper, my hope is that the world will be able to move on and be better for these individuals influences on the world.

Rest in Peace Alan Rickman and David Bowie.



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