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Ross Ellison is an Author, Entertainer, Video Game Streamer, and All Around Menace to Society.  Living in Orlando, Florida he currently is working on the next two novels in his Search For Eden Series which the End of Utopia Anthology serves as an introduction for.  He also is working on a Post Apocalyptic Series with the working title of “Earth Everafter” If that was not enough, he is also working on two new series’s based on Dungeons and Dragons Campaigns of his own design. One is titled “Cycle of Millennia” and the other is titled “Centrum Glacies” The first Novella of Cycle of Millenia is published digitally.  

University of Central Florida’s Online Publication Imprint selected his work for publication . He works at an online publication called BentoByte where one can find reviews on Anime and Video Games as well as articles on pop culture.  Ross pesters society at large with his political commentary.

Writers of Central Florida or Thereabouts selected Ross as a featured Speaker.  He is known as “the writer who always goes first” at the many open mics hosted by the organization. Odyssey Orlando has also published multiple pieces of work by Ross.

Whether through his Dark Fantasy Fiction, or commentary on issues that strike his fancy, Ross strives to entertain and educate audiences. Though his writing may deal with difficult issues, these are the ideas which drive society forward. Braving through his work will reward readers with high entertainment value as well as the potential for learning.

He is always looking for collaborators to aid in his endeavors of bringing his work to life. If you are interested in working with him, or have an idea to pitch, do not hesitate to visit the Collaborations Page