The End of Utopia Anthology:

Hey dark fantasy enthusiast, do you think you can handle walking into this realm of intrigue, magic, and science? If so, dive in you brave souls… and experience a world unlike any you have ever seen. Featuring a colorful cast in a slice of life format where the stories stands on its own. Yet, any of these stories expands into a much larger world that is continued within the pages of the book upcoming series; The Search for Eden.

Drawing inspiration from hit Dark Fantasy stories such as Berserk, Wheel of Time, and The Children of Hurin, I have woven tales that will keep a reader entranced.  Like the above stories, I wished to see situations with ambiguous morality and good people forced to commit terrible crimes.  Some individuals fight for survival.  Others to sate some cruel blood lust.  Some refuse to fight at all.  Others are forced to fight to defend their homelands.  And still others fight to steal the homelands of those around them.

What it means to be a hero or a villain is also constantly questioned.  With few exceptions, the individuals within these short stories all have motives that are understandable.  Many just want to be left alone in fact! However, there are individuals within these pages that choose to cause harm to others to force their own agendas upon them.

Whether you are into Vampires, Assassins, Military Strategy, Demons, Undeath, Magic, or Political Intrigue, there is always more to discover at the turn of the next page. Get the chance to hold the fate of these important individuals in your own hands!


End of Utopia Anthology Amazon Cover